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Pundit: Alan Shearer

Role: Alan is a pundit for the BBC’s Match of the Day

After finishing his playing career in 2006, Alan Shearer was in hot demand from both the BBC and Sky for his services as a pundit.

Having the Premier League’s greatest ever goal scorer on their respective shows was surely the incentive – an extra pull for their audience. In the end , the former Newcastle number nine decided to join the Match of the Day team.

Despite a brief and unsuccessful management spell at Newcastle in 2009, Shearer has remained on the MOTD sofa ever since – boring us all to death. Perhaps sounding bad is one mishap, but Shearer very rarely adds anything constructive to the analysis either. It’s either a cliché or a carbon copy of what Alan Hansen has just said.

Employed as an ‘expert’ (so we are told), the 2010 World Cup brought out the worst in Shearer with the shocking admission his didn’t know anything about certain teams – Slovakia, for instance. As an ‘expert’ we would expect some knowledge off the back of a quick Google at the very least.

Unfortunately, the bad news is this; unless a team wants Shearer as their manager (unlikely), we’re going to be seeing a lot more from the 40-year-old in the years to come.

The lowdown

We asked for your views on Alan as a pundit. Here is a sample of what you lovely people came up with…

steakheed: “An ok pundit but tends to blabber on a bit – good player which is always good for a pundit.

JBlackwell92: His analysis consists of going over the goals and not much else. Rarely covers in-depth tactical information.”

ElFranko90: “Like him as a player…crap pundit…”

theOliJones: “Knows his stuff, thereby proving football is a simple game, because he’s 8 shades of simple himself. “

The final score

Each week we ask viewers for a score out of 10 for our pundits, we then average out the result to come up with a mark out of ten.

Alan Shearer scored… 4.1/10! In what was a mixed bag of results (including our first 0/10 score!), the former Newcastle scorer comes out with a fairly disappointing total!

Next week: Stan Collymore – resident of Channel 5 and Talksport, the former Liverpool striker is next under the microscope! Send us your views by commenting below or by tweeting us. Remember to add a score out of 10 for how impressive you think his punditry skills are!

Current Leaderboard

1. Lee Dixon (BBC) – 7

2. Pat Nevin (Channel 5) – 5.25

3. Gareth Southgate (ITV) – 5.2

4. Alan Hansen (BBC) – 5

5. Andy Gray (Sky) – 4.8

6. Marcel Desailly (BBC/ITV) – 4.5

7. Alan Shearer (BBC) – 4.1

8. Andy Townsend (ITV) – 4

9. Jamie Redknapp (Sky) – 2.25

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