Red and Blue standing together in the fight for justice

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The famous author G.K. Chesterson is recognized as the ‘Prince of Paradox’ and in-keeping with his epithet, his most illustrious adage reads: “The Bible tells us to love our neighbours and also to love our enemies; probably because generally they are the same people.” It seems a pertinent phrase to depict the city of Liverpool at the minute.

Nothing has unified the city more than the fight for integrity over the harrowing Hillsborough travesty.

Often segregated into the royal blue of Everton or the dashing red of Liverpool, people amalgamated for the battle to bring justice for Hillsborough is far superior than Everton Football Club or Liverpool Football Club itself; it is rather a conflict to bring candour and justice to light.

Everton’s standing of being a ‘peoples club’ may be ridiculed by some, but you’d struggle to find a point when it’s been so opposite. They may be Liverpool’s perpetual foe, but Everton’s respectable and compassionate stand over the past weeks, is nothing short of laudable.

The solidarity from across Stanley Park will be profoundly appreciated at Anfield. Monday’s encounter with Newcastle United saw Everton consolidate all their showings of compassion. Photographs of Hillsborough victims ran, in sequence, across the screen as a child bearing a Liverpool kit led the sides out. A moving act, coupled with the mascots Everton shirts bearing 96 on the back, Everton Football Club have beleaguered themselves with reverence.

When Labour MP for Leigh Andy Burnham stated: “Liverpool has had a cloud over it for 23 years,” you would be mistaken to quarrel his frankness. It is true. It is not just Liverpool Football Club that has born that encumber, it is the city itself and the time for the potent football rivalry to step aside and let the sense of brotherhood reside.

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