Off the pitch… Donovan in love with Everton

By on January 5, 2011 - 32 views

In an interview with Sky Sports News, American superstar Landon Donovan declared his love for English Premier League side Everton.

Despite declining an loan offer this year, Donovan wanted to make it clear that he would be available to play under David Moyes next season.

“It wasn’t easy for me. After the season ended, my immediate thought was that there’s no way I am going to be ready [to play for Everton],” Donovan told Followtonians.

“I don’t know in what capacity it will be, but I really, really hope that the offer still stands to go back next year and that also weighed into this decision.

“I don’t know what the proper analogy is, but if you went to Disneyland when you were five years old, you’re always going to want to go back.

“I thought to myself a lot, ‘If you say no, then what’s going to happen next year? Are they going to let you back?’ That was hard, because I don’t want to close that door, I always want the opportunity [to go back]. I mean, I’m an Evertonian for life now.”

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