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Pundit: Stan Collymore

Role: In working positions for both Five and Talksport

We’re not quite sure how Stan Collymore managed to get a job in football punditry. After all, his playing days were illuminated by failing to live up to his potential, refusing to play reserve matches, not training, sulking and something called ‘dogging’ (no idea what that is).

Stan is someone, who because of his past, just doesn’t command any type of respect when he’s talking – purely because of his past. What’s his analysis like? It’s ok, nothing awe-inspiring. Although ask his employers and they would tend to disagree.

“Stan is an intelligent and articulate commentator on the game who has experienced for himself the ups and downs of football.” (Talksport)

We’ll let you make up your own mind on that one.

Oh yeah, and what happened to being an impartial commentator? Check out this gem from the recent Chelsea and Aston Villa game.

However, we must give praise to Stan for his criticism of Match of the Day a little while back, we can’t but agree on most of the points he made.

“The Match of the Day panel aren’t footballers any more, they’re broadcasters, so not knowing Hatem Ben Arfa and admitting during the World Cup coverage of not knowing much about Slovakia isn’t an option,” ranted Stan.

“Going on national television on the country’s flagship programme and admitting that you do not know about Hatem Ben Arfa when you are putting yourself up there as one of England’s burgeoning young coaches and managers isn’t good enough, full stop.”

Here, here!

The lowdown

We asked for your views on Alan as a pundit. Here is a sample of what you lovely people came up with…

JamieDalton82: “Collymore is a massive imbecile.

Ecxoes: Not bad at all, horrible brummy accent though.”

steakheed: “Not seen much of him but what I have seen, has been not to shabby.

theshedender: “He has his views & certainly doesn’t mince his words, but is an antagonising creep & a horrible individual.

Pmhughesy: “Sh*t.”

The final score

Each week we ask viewers for a score out of 10 for our pundits, we then average out the result to come up with a mark out of ten.

Stan Collymore scored… 2.67/10! Ouch! Stan didn’t get much respect from you punters and we can reveal he scored an incredible amount of 1/10 scores!! Never mind Stan, you still beat Jamie Redknapp!

Next week: Paul Merson – ex-Arsenal playmaker and Sky pundit Merson is next to face the public! Send us your views by commenting below or by tweeting us. Remember to add a score out of 10 for how impressive you think his punditry skills are!

Current Leaderboard

1. Lee Dixon (BBC) – 7

2. Pat Nevin (Five) – 5.25

3. Gareth Southgate (ITV) – 5.2

4. Alan Hansen (BBC) – 5

5. Andy Gray (Sky) – 4.8

6. Marcel Desailly (BBC/ITV) – 4.5

7. Alan Shearer (BBC) – 4.1

8. Andy Townsend (ITV) – 4

9. Stan Collymore (Five) – 2.67

10. Jamie Redknapp (Sky) – 2.25

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