Off the pitch… Scunthorpe calendar offends fan by dropping the ‘S’

By on January 7, 2011 - 34 views

The Championship side had to apologise to 2,000 fans after the ‘S’ was left off ‘Scunthorpe United’ on a 2011 club calendar.

According to The Sun, ‘the club sent a grovelling letter – plus a correctly printed sticker to plaster over the blunder on the September page’.

The £12.99 personalised calendar contains photos of the club’s top players whilst also displaying the fan’s name.

Supporter Jamie Muir was speechless when he came to September as he flicked through the Christmas gift from his mum. A message on the advertising board should have read ‘Jamie Muir, SCUNThorpe United Number One Fan’, but the ‘S’ was missing.

Do we have to spell it out?

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