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This week’s fan interview is with Elisa. She is a Real Madrid supporter, living in the United States.

1) How long have you supported Real Madrid?

Since 2000.

(2) Reason for choosing Real over any other team?

Well, my first love was the Spanish national team since 1986.  I went to Spain in 2000 and watched the Euros there.  I wanted to start watching club football and Raul and Fernando Hierro were my favorites from the national team.  It just fell into place.  I have always loved Spain, two of my great grans are from Spain.  It is ancestral,  I love the language, the people and the culture.  Madrid is a fabulous city as well.

(3) Roughly how many fixtures do you attend a season?

Living in the USA, I go to see my local team, LA Galaxy (five to ten times a year) USA National team (once a year).  Real Madrid, if I am lucky, I get to see them once a year.  If they play friendlies in Los Angeles.  I saw them this past year as well as several years ago in Chicago and LA.  The last time I saw La Furia Roja (Spain) was in Germany for World Cup 2006.  I went to two games.

(4) The greatest player to have ever played for your team?

Di Stefano, despite all the stars of the recent past it has to be the great one.

(5) Laziest player you have ever witnessed?

Well Karim Benzema…. he has been very dissapointing so far.

(6) The most obscure name and number you have owned on the back of a shirt?

Nothing obscure. I normally don’t wear hero shirts, unless it is Raúl.


(1) Thoughts on your manager?

Jose Mourinho is a diva, currently trying to blame poor performances on the referees in Spain.  Good for a laugh, but too aggressive and embarrassing.

(2) The best young, undiscovered player at your club?

Well, I would say Sarabia.  Shame is that Madrid prepares young players for the rest of La Liga. They don’t get a real crack at the first team.

(3) Worst possible finish for your side this season?

Second place in La Liga behind Barça, knock-out round of 16 in the Champions League and not getting to the final of the Copa del Rey.

(4) Soft spot for another team?

LA Galaxy – local team.


(1) If you could step on the pitch for your team what role would you play?

Center back, it’s been a long time – high school.

(2) What one player would you like to see at your team if money was no question not including Rooney,Ronaldo or Messi?

Well we need a good left back, Fabio Coentrao.

(3) Which trophy do you most dream of winning?

La Decima, the 10th Champions League title.

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