Why Roy Hodgson was sacked by Liverpool…

By on January 8, 2011 - 28 views

Our resident Liverpool correspondent – Editor of live4liverpool.com – justifies the sacking of Roy Hodgson today….

I have lost count of the amount of times I have heard pundits on the TV or the radio state that Roy Hodgson was left a poor squad by Rafa Benitez. Considering the frequency of its use I am inclined to believe it is only reason, other than Roy’s own ineptness, they can think up to explain Liverpool’s terrible season. By now, certainly some Reds fans have begun to believe this fallacy but there is a certain statistic that belies media portrayal of Liverpool’s squad.

It was announced yesterday that FIFA had paid a sizeable amount to clubs in compensation for letting their players go to the World Cup. At the top of the list was Barcelona who were given £557,000 worth of compensation; no surprise there. Barca were followed in the list by Bayern Munich and Chelsea with figures close to £500,000. But who came fourth? Was it Real Madrid? AC Milan? Manchester United? Inter Milan? Arsenal? No, it was none other than Liverpool Football Club. They were paid £449,000 in compensation for the amount of stars they let go to the World Cup. They were just ahead of Real Madrid in the list.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean Liverpool have the best squad of players in the world, but it does show there are a good number of players in the squad who are good enough to play in the World Cup. It also belies the myth that the Reds squad is so bad that no other manager could do a better job than Roy Hodgson with the side 12th in a league with nine defeats in 20 games. Roy said this about the squad last month: “Basically speaking unless there is a major inflow of cash into the club and the team is going to be changed from one moment to the next then whoever takes my place will be doing a similar job with similar players.”

The statistics from FIFA tend to disagree with you Roy I am afraid. That is certainly not to say the Liverpool squad wouldn’t need improving if they wanted to become title challengers again. There is a requirement for at least four new players in my view: a left back, two wingers and a striker, for us to be competing for honours, but there is no indication that the player’s now under Kenny Dalglish’s disposal should be flirting with the bottom half, just four points off the relegation zone. In fact, eight of the fourteen players who appeared against Wolves in the 1-0 defeat, had played a part in the 4-0 thrashing of Real Madrid 2 years ago.

No doubt, players have underperformed, (players such as Fernando Torres, Glen Johnson and Martin Skrtel have been pretty poor to say the least), but any pundit who puts the blame firmly with the players rather than the manager is incorrect in my view. Having more stars at the World Cup than Real Madrid and Manchester United says something and although not all of those World Cup players could be said to be world beaters, they are not as bad as Roy Hodgson has made them to be. Guidance, leadership, and tactical knowledge are key factors in any team, and from most of Liverpool’s displays this season, this has been lacking. Liverpool fans who have watched every match have seen it this season, pundits and the media alike should see it as well.


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