The Ref Factor : Martin Atkinson

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The Ref Factor : The feature that judges whether or not the bloke with the whistle really is a w*nker.

Ref: Martin Atkinson

Born: Bradford

Age: 39

Biggest cock-up: 20th of September 2009 – Manchester United VS Manchester City

Mark Hughes’ side were robbed in stoppage time by a late Michael Owen goal. Owen’s strike in the 97th minute gave United a 4-3 victory over their arch-rivals and infuriated the City boss after only four minutes was initially signalled.

This season: Atkinson has been in the thick of the action all ready this campaign; sending off both Joe Cole and Laurent Koscielny in the 2010 opening fixture between Liverpool and Arsenal. He also refereed Everton’s 3-3 epic against Manchester United, denying the Blues a goal scoring opportunity in the final seconds of the game. Last but by no means least, Atkinson was blasted by Newcastle manager Chris Hughton after he awarded a debateable Carlos Tevez penalty in a home fixture against Manchester City. Atkinson also denied Shola Ameobi a blatant spot kick in the 2-1 defeat.

How the ratings stand…
Bias towards top teams = 10
Tendency to dish out cards = 8
Prone to embarrassing errors = 8
Total = 26 out of 30

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