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By on November 4, 2010 - 238 views

Hello and welcome to Rate the Pundit, the feature that separates the knowledgeable ex-pros from the ones that generally talk out their arse.

Pundit: Marcel Desailly

Role: Marcel has worked a number of roles for both BBC and ITV in major international tournaments from pitchside expert to studio guest.

Characterised as a quick and powerful centre-half, Desailly has achieved it all on the international stage with triumphs in the World Cup (despite being red carded in the 1998 final) and European Championship. His six-year spell in English football with Chelsea meant that Desailly was an ideal target for British broadcasters.

Exuberant and enthusiastic, Desailly certainly brings some life to the sometimes painstakingly boring half-time analysis. However, the Frenchman’s mediocre grasp on the language often means his points probably don’t come across as he’d wish. Instead, his views are portrayed in a simplistic manner which we suppose won’t deter BBC or ITV from employing him again soon.

The lowdown: We asked for your views on Marcel as a pundit. Here is a sample of what you lovely people came up with…


“Can’t speak clear english. He ent made is mind up if he supports france or ghana.”


“Not the most informative pundits, nor the most natural for tv.”


“Desailly was a great footballer but an average pundit. Not in his mother tongue which doesn’t help.”


“Sometimes I can’t even tell what he’s saying.”

The score: Each week we ask viewers for a score out of 10 for our pundits, we then average out the result to come up with a mark out of ten.

Marcel Desailly scored… 4.5/10! Well done Marcel! You are top of the leaderboard (although admittedly you are the first pundit under review).

Next week: Jamie Redknapp – Yes, Sky’s ex-Liverpool star is next under the microscope. Send us your view by commenting below or by tweeting us. Remember to add a score out of 10 for how impressive you think his punditry skills are!

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