El Hadji Diouf’s most ridiculous moments of madness!

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This weekend Neil Warnock branded El Hadji Diouf – the infamous spitter, jobs-worth footballer, and of course all-round nice guy – a ‘sewer rat’. This was in reaction to Diouf taunting QPR’s Jamie Mackie, when injured on the ground. This row has now escalated, with Diouf questioning Warnock’s credentials. “Who is Warnock? He’s nothing to me…he’s not Sam Allardyce or an important manager.”

In light of Diouf’s most recent controversy, we thought that we would delve into his murky past and reveal our favourite moments of madness.

1. March, 2003: While playing for Liverpool against Celtic in an important UEFA cup quarter-final tie, Diouf went up to a bunch of Celtic fans and spat at them. Perhaps not the best idea when you are playing at Celtic’s home ground. Diouf was later fined 2 weeks wages, and according to then Liverpool boss, Gerard Houllier, Diouf was ‘devastated’.

2. November 2004: Had Diouf learnt his lesson? Of course not! In this unsavoury incident, police charged Diouf for spitting at an 11-year-old Middlesbrough fan. The young fan said, ‘Diouf just turned around and spat between the glass of the dugout…it was orange juice or Lucozade. It just flew through the gap and hit me’.

3. November 2004: A matter of weeks later, Diouf repeated his favourite party trick, by spitting at Portsmouth defender, Arjan De Zeeuw. De Zeeuw said, “I felt it in my face. Hopefully it was just heat of the moment stuff, because its not very sporting.” Diouf’s Bolton manager, Sam Allardyce, admitted after this incident, that he considered sending Diouf to get psychological help.

4. September 2009: While playing for Blackburn during a match against Everton at Goodinson Park, Diouf was interviewed by police over allegations that he had racially abused a ball boy.

5. April 2010: By now you might be thinking that Diouf was a reformed character, maturing and learning the error of his ways. Or perhaps not. He was charged with driving without insurance and a licence by Manchester police. He was pulled over, while driving his Porsche Cayenne, the Prima-Donna footballers choice of wheels.


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