The Ref Factor : Mark Clattenburg

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The Ref Factor – The feature that judges whether or not the bloke with the whistle really is a w*nker.

Ref: Mark Clattenburg

Born: County Durham

Age: 35

Biggest cock-up: January 2005 – Manchester United VS Tottenham Hotspur

Remember Pedro Mendes’ 45-yard wonder shot that Roy Carroll fumbled into the net? Yeah, well, unfortunately for Spurs fans, Clattenburg was the only one in the stadium that didn’t see it go two-yards over the line. United were fortunate enough to escape with a 0-0 draw.

This Season:

Mark Clattenburg took the tough decision to send off young defender Derek Boyata in the match between City and Arsenal at Eastlands that finished 0-3. A tough call that many refs could have easily bottled so early in to a match, but nonetheless, one that was 100% spot on.

On the ninth league game of this campaign, ‘Marky boy’ returned to his spiritual home, Old Trafford, for a clash between Manchester United and Tottenham. Needless to say, the game was a nightmare. Nani scored in the final few minutes after Tottenham keeper Heurelho Gomes dropped the ball in front of him for what he thought was a free-kick for a handball by the Portuguese star. ‘Arry Redknapp was particularly fierce in his criticism of the Tyneside official, saying: “I thought it was a scandalous decision — he’ll come up with some excuse for why he didn’t see it. He made a real mess of the situation.”

Four days later, Clattenburg was rewarded for his Old Trafford horror-show with a Champions League debut between Auxerre and Ajax. Logical.

How the ratings stand…

Bias towards top teams = 8

Tendency to dish out cards = 7

Prone to embarrassing errors = 9

Total = 24 out of 30


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