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By on November 17, 2010 - 116 views

Hello and welcome to the third installment of Rate the Pundit! The feature that separates the knowledgeable ex-pros from the ones who generally talk out their arse.

Pundit: Lee Dixon

Role: Lee is a pundit for the BBC and can often be found on the MOTD2 sofa.

The first thing that strikes you about Lee Dixon is how often he talks about defensive play. Who can blame him though? In his playing days, Lee was one of the Premier League’s best full-backs while plying his trade at Arsenal under Arsene Wenger.

While his points can often be quite insightful, there is always the limitation that makes you believe he doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to forwards or attack-minded players.

However, the ex-England international (yeah, he got 22 caps apparently) does seem to create a fine on-screen chemistry with the majority of hosts he has worked with – Adrian Chiles in particular.

The lowdown: We asked for your views on Lee as a pundit. Here is a sample of what you lovely people came up with…


“Probably the best BBC have to offer, but could be more objective with his views. Should be given more time on show.”


“He’s great with analysing defence. Not sure he works on MOTD with Hansen though. Better than Lawro tho lol.”


“He’s one of the better pundits in my opinion. Good balanced views and not outspoken like many of his counterparts.”


“He’s entertaining and points out some pretty decent stuff sometimes. I like him.”

The score: Each week we ask viewers for a score out of 10 for our pundits, we then average out the result to come up with a mark out of ten.

Lee Dixon scored… 7/10! Wow! The best score so far! Dixon has shot to the top of the leaderboard. Perhaps the Beeb should give him a promotion to their Saturday main show…

Next week: Andy Townsend – ITV’s tactics man and Champions League regular. Send us your view by commenting below or by tweeting us. Remember to add a score out of 10 for how impressive you think his punditry skills are!

Current Pundit Leaderboard:

1. Lee Dixon (BBC) – 7

2. Marcel Desailly (BBC/ITV) – 4.5

2. Jamie Redknapp (Sky) – 2.25

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