Confirmed by Arsène Wenger – Alexis Sánchez Could Be Out for 3 Months

By on November 10, 2016 - 3,128 views

According to a report by the Mirror‘s John Cross, Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger is ready to go to war with the Chilean FA in a bid to stop the South American nation from playing Arsenal attacker Alexis Sánchez on Tuesday against Uruguay.

According to the report, Wenger confirmed that he has received a text message which shows Sánchez has suffered a hamstring injury.  This is contrary to initial reports claiming the former-Barcelona star had suffered a torn calf muscle.  The quote attributed to Wenger in the Mirror claims the Gunners boss says it will be suicidal for the Chilean to play Sánchez in their 2018 World Cup qualifier against Uruguay as he aggravate his injury, and in turn be out for as much as three months:

“I got a text last night (to say) that he has a hamstring injury. The team from Chile has travelled without him and they kept him to try and get him fit to play Uruguay for the second game on Tuesday night.

“I believe that with a hamstring injury. We have to get access for our medical staff to the MRI scan to see what grade it is, how bad it is and make absolutely sure they don’t make any suicidal decision that could harm his future for two or three months.

“That is absolutely important. It’s a grey area between the national team and the club team and of course they look at their own results which I can understand but we have to preserve the health of Alexis Sánchez.

“He always wants to play and that’s where it is a more sensitive case because he’s always ready to play even when injured.”

It is obvious Wenger doesn’t want Sánchez to play but to rather his player return back to London to receive proper treatment ahead of Arsenal’s clash against Manchester United in nine days from now. And who can blame him? Arsenal pay Sánchez’s wages and he has been a key player for Arsenal this season.

The Gunners simply can’t afford to lose him for three months and it could well happen just like it did last season. Alexis Sánchez missed the bulk of last season due to a hamstring injury, a situation which derailed Arsenal’s title bid just when everyone thought the Gunners would win the Premier League.

However, I personally believe the real problem is Sánchez himself. The 28-year-old is not watching over his own health enough. Players nursing a hamstring injury needs proper rest.  Unfortunately, as confirmed by Wenger in the quotes above, Sánchez wants to play all of the time. But hopefully he has learned a lesson or two after what happened to him last season…

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