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Bradley North tells us of his love for promotion chasing Leeds United and how he would love to see AC Milan star Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Elland Road.

1) How long have you supported Leeds United?

I have supported Leeds Utd FC for as long as I can remember. As you will imagine there have been many ups and downs.

(2) Reason for choosing Leeds United over any other team?

I support Leeds because of a family history of supporting the team, as well as past generations of my family living close to the city of Leeds.

(3) Roughly how many fixtures do you attend a season?

None, unfortunately. If only I had more time and more money.

(4) The greatest player to have ever played for your team?

For me it has to be Billy Bremner, obviously I can only go on anecdotal evidence about him but I don’t think we have ever had a midfield enforcer like him in the modern Leeds sides.

(5) Laziest player you have ever witnessed?

This is a tricky one, but may be Jonathan Woodgate, the guy looks like he never breaks into a sweat.

(6) The most obscure name and number you have owned on the back of a shirt?

Most of the shirts I have owned had no Name/Number. The only one that did was the Nigel Martin goalie kit with number 1, so not really obscure.


(1) Thoughts on your manager?

Wow, we have been through so many managers, but I’d say Grayson is doing a really good job, still hopes for promotion back to the Premiership at the end of this season.

(2) The best young, undiscovered player at your club?

Jonny Howson, I just hope we can keep on to him for as long as possible.

(3) Worst possible finish for your side this season?

The most frustrating finish would be to finish outside of the play-offs.

(4) Soft spot for another team?

Can’t say I have a soft spot for any other team, what sort of question is this. WE ARE LEEDS, WE ARE LEEDS, WE ARE LEEDS.


(1) If you could step on the pitch for your team what role would you play?

A midfield role, like I played as a child, with as little running as possible so probably behind the strikers.

(2) What one player would you like to see at your team if money was no question not including Rooney,Ronaldo or Messi?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, would love a big target man who can smash the ball into the net, would definitely become a Leeds hero.

(3) Which trophy do you most dream of winning?

The Champions League, that Champions League semi-final still lives in the memory.

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