Do Arsenal lack leadership?

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Our resident Arsenal correspondent – Editor of Gunnersphere – asks if Denilson was right to have concern about the Gunners lack of leadership…

This week, Arsenal midfielder Denilson questioned the captaincy of Cesc Fabregas, claiming that the Spaniard is not a true leader and that the North London club lack a strong personality within the squad.

This may not go down well with the Arsenal faithful and would have certainly rocked the Arsenal camp, but does the Brazilian have a point?

The 23-year-old playmaker was appointed club captain in November 2008 by Arsene Wenger, which has since led many of the clubs fans and pundits alike, believing that he could be the man destined to lead the Gunners to their first trophy in over five years.

However, Denilson believes that not one man has inspired the team alone this year. Instead, the Brazilian stated that results this season have transpired due to strong collective performances. As quoted in the Daily Mirror, the 22-year-old said on the matter: “Fabregas is the captain but he is not a leader. It’s a personality thing and a leader can be young. It’s something they are born with.”

He also revealed that the club lacks strong personalities within the dressing room: “We are lacking leadership and we need leadership to go forward. There isn’t a leader. I don’t see one player as a leader. At Arsenal it’s more of a collective team at the moment, everyone is talking – but a leader is always important for a team.”

Fabregas quickly quashed a rift between the two players by using his Twitter account. The Spanish international ‘tweeted’ at approximately 10:08am: “Abt what Deni said. I’ve been in his situation before, just a misunderstending. Now lets win tonite!”

The Arsenal captain also posted up a picture (along with this tweet) of himself and the Brazilian on the way to Elland Road, with both players smiling and giving the old thumbs up. No major problems then.

However, as a member of the Arsenal squad, Denilson’s unwritten actions on Fabregas were totally inappropriate. Even if he’s right, is it really wise for him to go public on the matter? I agree that we do lack strong characters at the club, however, who is Denilson to question and bring up such issues?

I’ll probably get some stick for this, but I myself don’t think Fabregas cuts the shape of a great captain. Undeniably, the Spaniard is our most prized asset, and as such, Wenger opted to give the armband to him when William Gallas departed last summer, but in my opinion, I think Robin Van Persie or Thomas Vermaelen should lead the Gunners.

I’m not saying that Cesc Fabregas is doing a poor job as captain because frankly he’s not; I just think a more outspoken player needs to lead the club in the future. Of course this will be for Wenger to decide. Nevertheless, even if Denilson’s remarks ring true to some, one must ask, was there any need for him to publicise his comments? Not at all. Let’s just hope this is the first and last outburst made by the Brazilian whilst he’s contracted to Arsenal.

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