Will empty seats give Man Utd an advantage?

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We’re all getting a bit antsy with the situation. Not because of the pandemic, as staying at home is a welcomed byproduct and an example that we can do such a thing without going on benefits. But, without the Premier League on the TV, boredom is our biggest enemy. While we can play games, online casino games, or single-player video games, that’s just not the same.

Thankfully, the top brass is thinking about restarting the season, albeit indoors, as to keep us glued to the TV as much as possible. This chain of events, combined with a few side bets, can make us relax in quarantine and probably reduce a lot of national-wide anxiety.

As The League stands now, Liverpool is in the lead with 82 points and a 25 point lead over Man City. But, all of that could change. If there will even be a league this year, it will probably be behind closed doors, while will give teams like Manchester United a slight advantage, as there will no longer be any home-field advantage.

It’s Back on?

Yes, no, nobody knows!

The UK culture secretary Oliver Dowden is leading the talks between the league representatives and the NHS, the United Kingdom National Health Service, about how and when they can reinstate the matches.

For now, there is no resolution, but the outcries of the people have been heard and multiple models will be discussed during the week. Also, the teams are eager to keep the validity of the competition, and the investors are worried about the costs of canceling games which can amount to $1.2 billion (£1 billion).

One of the most prominent ideas is to play with only a skeleton staff and without any fans in the stadiums.

While this sounds like a good idea, even one instance of the virus can bring this to a screeching halt and stop the Premier League indefinitely. But, the idea of having people glued to the TV back home and promoting social distancing is tempting to both the government officials and the NHS.

Maintain Social Distancing

Regardless of what happens, we need to maintain social distancing as much as possible. Because the virus is pressuring healthcare services so much, any additional outbreaks would end up with more restrictions, more lockdowns, and more quarantine.

Even if the season restarts, we should watch it at home and drink a few cold ones over Skype or FaceTime with our friends. Even if the pubs and sports bars open, going there to see the match would be counter-productive in the long run.

Expert Predictions

When it comes to what we can expect for the performance of the teams, the experts have offered a lot of numbers that few are yet to read, and even less to understand. But, some patterns can be established.

Primarily, because there will be no fans going to the stadiums to cheer on their team live, the home-field advantage might not be worth as much. The 12th player will be removed for everyone, leaving only the 11 on the field to do their best.

For teams where this isn’t an issue, and which usually have a disadvantage when playing as guests, this is a boon to their chances. And, because this can’t be as easily predicted due to the lack of precedent, the betting odds will be skewed.

Betting Options

Following the UK casino review site LionCasinos, it seems that the benefits provided for online casino games during quarantine will be extended to sports betting. This fact, combined with the unknown odds once the league starts again, will bring joy to many of those betting.

Depending on the online casino you chose, there can be bonuses up to £1000 (~$1250) by doubling anything you place into the casino. Divided over the 92 games that are still to be played, that would be a 10 quid extra per match, literally doubling the winning quota.

For those at home, this can make the breaking distraction that will keep us entertained and reduce our desire to take many walks.

Online Casino Bonuses

There are still some advantages of online casino games that can’t be applied to sports betting, such as free spins or playing tokens. But, when it comes to hard cold cash bonuses, that can work across the board.

During the downtime, many people switched from sports betting to playing digital games in an online casino, and the market experienced a little boom. This is why there are so many companies offering such large signup bonuses.

Keep it Fun – Keep it Safe

Same as before, bet to make things more interesting, but never too interesting. Spicing up the game with a little wager is good, and it will make the experience of watching the game on the TV more enjoyable. But, you should never bet money you haven’t placed aside for entertainment.

Keep it fun and keep it safe, both body-wise and mind-wise, and you will always be on the winning team.

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