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By on November 24, 2010 - 339 views

Hello and welcome to the third post in our series of Rate the Pundit! The feature that separates the knowledgeable ex-pros from the ones who generally talk out their arse.

Pundit: Andy Townsend

Role: Andy is a pundit for ITV and often is employed for Champions League nights.

Former Irish international captain Andy Townsend (we’re not sure how he qualified either) is arguably ITV’s number one pundit. In fact, we reckon ITV see Andy as their very own version of Sky’s namesake; Gray.

Townsend can often be found fiddling around on a small screen, drawing pretty pictures and arrows in random directions. As such, Mr Townsend sees himself as a bit of a tactics expert. In his defence though, we reckon Andy knows his stuff from time to time and his organisation skills as a former captain can often shine through.

However, can we really ever forgive the man that was behind the infamous ‘Townsend’s Tactics Truck’ back when Premier League highlights were away from the BBC?

Mind you, looking back, we’d have Townsend every time over the bore-fest that is Alan Shearer.

The lowdown: We asked for your views on Andy as a pundit. Here is a sample of what you lovely people came up with…

equaliserblog: “Generally dire but better than Chiles.”

Chris_Blade1989: “I never really liked him much on ITV but seemed to be better on talksport.”

TimHi: “Dull, dour, pointless waste of space. Brings little to the punditry table. Speaks in hackneyed clichés.”

Paulharper82: “I wish they’d left Andy Townsend in that tactics truck he had in ITV’s days of The Premiership. He’s truly awful.”

Modric011: “Lacks tactical insight, good humour.”

Andy Townsend scored… 4/10! It appears the public have never really forgiven Andy for the dreadful ‘Tactics Truck’ of The Premiership days. Townsend sits second bottom in the pundit table just above Jamie Redknapp.

Next week: Pat Nevin – From ITV’s tactics truck to Channel 5’s white van man, Scot Pat Nevin is next on our pundit agenda! Send us your view by commenting below or by tweeting us. Remember to add a score out of 10 for how impressive you think his punditry skills are!

Current Leaderboard

1. Lee Dixon (BBC) – 7

2. Marcel Desailly (BBC/ITV) – 4.5

3. Andy Townsend (ITV) – 4

4. Jamie Redknapp (Sky) – 2.25

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