Embarrassing moments in football – Richard Keys repents

By on January 27, 2011 - 74 views

“I would like to reiterate what I said to Sian Massey on Sunday afternoon … I rang on behalf of Andy and myself and made an official apology, which Sian accepted. She and I enjoyed some banter together. We left on very good terms”

Richard Keys is more used to talking about the sports headlines, rather than creating them, but in his interview on Talksport Radio he was in full apologetic mood. He also came over all philosophical, saying ‘success breeds envy’. Yes, Richard, it does, but success also makes you bigheaded and arrogant!

We’ll leave you on this note: ‘[Keys looking at a TV monitor showing Sky Sports] I’ve worked for Sky for 20 years, and they’ve spelt my name wrong!’.

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