Wayne Rooney isn’t “back”, he was always there!

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Our Manchester United correspondent – Editor of TheBusbyWay – defends Wayne Rooney’s recent form…

“Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years.”

You could almost hear LL Cool J saying the words as Wayne Rooney slammed the first of his two goals past Brad Friedel last night. So much had been made of his inability to find the back of the net in recent times, add to this how well both Javier Hernandez and Dimitar Berbatov have been playing and Rooney’s situation looked even more bleak. His position in the team was questioned and be a dim witted few, his actual career was doubted.

Rooney had been playing well, laying on goals for other displaying the kind of vision and ability to execute passes that would have had you thinking he was one of the world’s finest creative midfielders rather than strikers. He worked tirelessly up and down the pitch and you were likely to see him filling in in a number of positions as well as in the opponent’s box trying to harass the keeper but that’s not what we wanted from him.

Tell a lie, we would all love a player that works as tireless as he does. Against Blackpool I remember especially him getting back to cover at left back and making an important interception but Rooney is a striker and we love our strikers to score goals. Van Nistelrooy, Law even Berbatov this season, nothing captures the imagination of United fans like a goal scorer and that’s why such a huge thing was made of the fact that he was finding it so hard to find the back of the net.

Last season when he was scoring freely but not helping the team as much it was all good but a dry spell (albeit an extended one) and some off field matters had people doubting him. I had a friend tell me he had lost it completely and that he isn’t a top player because no top player goes that long without scoring but to seriously write him off as a player at 25 years old was and is ridiculous.

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