Have Your Say: Fan Interview – Portsmouth

By on December 4, 2010 - 164 views

James Chadwick, a Portsmouth supporter, gives us his views in today’s ‘Have Your Say’.


(1) How long have you supported Portsmouth?

Since I’ve had an interest in football – 6 years.

(2) Reason for choosing Portsmouth over any other team?

Well, they WERE the nearest big club that I could get to games with relative ease, and my dad’s side of the family are from the city. They might not be footy fans but it still had an influence!

(3) Roughly how many fixtures do you attend a season?

About ten or so.

(4) The greatest player to have ever played for your team?

That’s a bit of a no brainer really, it’s got to be ‘Mr Portsmouth’ – Jimmy Dickinson.

(5) Laziest player you have ever witnessed?

That will have to be one of our Premier League players… I’d have to say Kranjkar, he rarely displayed the talent we knew he was capable of and never really played in top gear.

(6) The most obscure name and number you have owned on the back of a shirt?

I have never had a name printed on the back of a Pompey shirt. They’ll be out the door in the next transfer window! I nearly got a Crouch – glad I didn’t in the end!


(1) Thoughts on your manager?

A tricky one there. I have a lot of respect for the man after keeping the squad together so well when everything was up in the air at the club, but as a manager he ought to be judged on results. A poor start to the season was followed up by a superb, morale lifting unbeaten run. Yet results seem to be turning at the moment and perhaps some eyebrows will soon start to be raised.

(2) The best young, undiscovered player at your club?

The best young player yet to break into the first team is probably Tom Kibley. He looks a good talent to me!

(3) Worst possible finish for your side this season?

Probably relegation to be honest, which would be a disaster.


(1) If you could step on the pitch for your team, what role would you play?

I’d be the pacey right tearing through the midfield and scoring some long range crackers.

(2) What one player would you like to see at your team if money was no question excluding Rooney,Ronaldo or Messi?

Thomas Muller would rip the Championship to shreds. His goals and supply would help our cause no end! That said, us Pompey fans have had enough of huge wages!

(3) Which trophy do you most dream of winning?

Obviously all English football fans dream of winning the Premier League title, but personally I’d love for us to get our revenge on Chelsea in the FA Cup. Three cup finals in four years wouldn’t be too bad!

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