The Ref Factor : Chris Foy

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The Ref Factor: The feature that judges whether or not the bloke with the whistle really is a w*nker.

Ref: Chris Foy

Born: St Helens, Lancashire

Age: 48

Biggest cock-up: Manchester United vs Barnsley in the 2009 Carling Cup

Rafael da Silva escaped a caution during a fourth-round fixture against Barnsley, simply because Chris Foy had booked the wrong twin! Despite the blushes, the decision was quickly corrected after the match and swept under the carpet.

This season:

Usually one of England’s best referees, towards the end of August Chris Foy received an earful from Stoke boss Tony Pulis when Jonathan Walter’s late header had clearly crossed the line against Spurs, only for claims for an equaliser to be waved away. After the match, Pulis said: “How long would it take [to use technology]? A minute? But we are just Stoke City. I’m just Tony Pulis, I can’t change it. Why he is looking at the linesman only goodness knows.”

Causing outrage at the Britannia Stadium, Foy has since kept his head down – he hasn’t given a single red card in 12 Premier League matches this season. It’s stats like that which suggests why the 48-year-old was asked to officiate the Manchester derby in November.

How the ratings stand…

Bias towards top teams = 5
Tendency to dish out cards =5
Prone to embarrassing errors = 6
Total = 16 out of 30

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