Where’s wallets? – Doug Ellis

By on December 19, 2010 - 221 views

This weekly column puts the shifty past and present owners of our beloved football clubs under the microscope. Next up… None other than Doug Ellis, ex-Aston Villa chairman

Making tons of money in package holidays to Spain, Doug Ellis invested his hard earned dosh into Aston Villa Football Club during two spells from 1968-1975 to 1982-2006. He finally relinquished his stronghold on the club by selling it to American billionaire Randy Learner, in a deal worth just over £63m. So where is he now? Click read more to find out.

Coffin dodger, Ellis, still finds time to count his money at 86 years of age, investing £7m into Birmingham City University for a new sports centre. He recently renounced his famous parking space outside the ground where his famous Rolls Royce was always parked, registration AV 1. Disabled life-long Villa fan Ivor Price landed the honour of the parking space: “I’m very happy to have it… I like to get to the ground early and have a drink with the girls,” he told the Sunday Mercury.

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