Tevez situation descending into farce for Manchester City

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“There is nothing to do in Manchester… it has nothing…I’m never going back to Manchester, not even on holiday, not for anything.”

Hardly the words any Manchester City fan wants to hear from their captain, Carlos Tevez. Speaking on Argentine television a few weeks ago, he launched an astonishing attack on Manchester one that was difficult to imagine coming from Manchester United captain, Nemanja Vidic. Keeping to his word, Tevez has now intimated that he wants to leave the club because “living without my children in Manchester has been incredibly challenging for me. Everything I do, I do for my daughters, Katie and Florencia. I need to be closer to them and to spend more time with them.”

Fair enough, one might add. But we’ve been in this situation before; in December of last year Tevez handed in a transfer request. This however, seemed to be due to an altogether different reason, the Argentinian insisting that his relationship with the club’s hierarchy as “beyond repair”. Coming only weeks after Wayne Rooney’s public announcement to stay, before being ‘persuaded’ to return with a lucrative new contract, the media seemed rather bored of the Tevez saga, labelling it as another bit of ‘greedy footballer wants more money’. Of course Carlos did stay, and did a mighty fine job too, finishing joint top Premier League scorer.

With Tevez earning a reported £286,000 a week there’s a reasonable argument in suggesting that his desire to leave isn’t motivated by money. But something doesn’t add up; Inter Milan were reportedly put off by his huge wage demands. If Tevez isn’t motivated by money, he has to be willing to accept a pay cut.

Because if not, it’s difficult to see who’s going to take him. He clearly wants to be closer to his daughters, but it’s unlikely that any clubs in the financially troubled Argentinian leagues will be able to afford him. Moving to Italy would geographically move him further away from his daughters, so Spain is probably the only viable option. With Cesc Fabregas and possibly Alexis Sanchez Barcelona bound, they are unlikely to be able to afford him. Given that Real Madrid are looking for a striker, they are a possibility, but whether Jose Mourinho would want a player like Tevez that could be dangerous to the team’s morale and is likely to desire moving on soon anyway is highly debatable.

Where City stand on this debacle seems equally disputable. The suggestion was that they were looking for at least £50m for the striker, an eye-watering figure for a player who seems to feel unhappy at whatever club he plays. Reports today however, suggested that Roberto Mancini, City’s manager, wanted the player to move on immediately.

In fairness to City, it’s not an easy situation to be in. On the one hand, Carlos Tevez is an outstanding player, whose commitment on the pitch can never be called into question. Without Tevez, the team’s strike force probably isn’t good enough to propel them to the title. Emmanuel Adebayor looks set to join Real Madrid, Craig Bellamy and Jo look out of the picture, Edin Dzeko hasn’t adapted to English football yet and Mario Ballotelli can go from the sublime to the ridiculous in the same movement.

But no-one wants an unhappy player, and the club may not be looked on favourably if they hold on to him against his will. Moreover, they may struggle to attract players in the upper echelons of football, who may be uncomfortable with their insistence on player’s seeing out a contract.

This situation isn’t enjoyable for any parties, including fans who have to read the increasingly repetitive articles on the situation (and quotes from the parasitic  Kia Joorabchian). I therefore believe I am speaking for most when I say, I hope it’s resolved this transfer window, because I can’t take another season of this farce.

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  1. HeavyRiffs

    July 6, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    He stays, he scores goals, he goes, we cash in, City are holding all the chips on this one and won’t be bent over a barrel…

  2. bluerigky

    July 6, 2011 at 9:37 pm

    Yes if he go’s we will cash in,But if he stays will he score goals for us now?, I don’t think he will. let him go and bring in Snieder or Villa.

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