How To Make It Rich In FIFA 12 Ultimate Team

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Ever wondered how someone could ever manage to buy someone like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, who are valued over 250,000 coins? Having made a collective 500,000 coins, without purchasing anything from outside sources or using real-life cash, hopefully my tips can help you not only gain achievements/trophies but also make more money.

The Trade Pile Is Your Friend

Working with the trade pile is the most significant part in raising coins. Every player you get from a pack that you deem surplus needs to go in here. Do not quick sell as even someone like Robin Van Persie (88) will only go for 704 coins. On the trade pile, you could fetch up to 30,000.

Even if you open a pack to find a bronze kit for Ireland’s Sligo Rovers, don’t quick sell it. Always put it in the trade pile, list it to 150 start now and 200 buy now. That way you are guaranteed 150 if it does sell, which is much more than the quick sell value of 6. Always remember, your item will sell even when it seems unlikely. I once had a Sam Lowe (58) who didn’t budge for weeks but eventually was sold.

What’s important is that once you place an item in the trade pile, the amount of time you keep it in there depends on what time of day it is. Usually the most productive time of day is during 6pm-10pm in the UK. If you are outside of this time, put the auction duration to 3 days. Doing this for players that are more valuable can be a good thing as putting a very high price on the buy now offer may prompt others to bid higher than what they would normally bid.

Sell Your Players Higher Than Their Value

To make a profit, you must buy low, sell high. A successful business strategy that can help you go straight to the top. Starting from the beginning, my method included searching for bronze ‘special’ players who have high pace and buying them only for 150-300 coins. After that, I sold them at a higher price. This can and should be done for every single player you wish to sell.

Now there are many players you’ll want to buy but you might be worried that you’re paying over the odds for them. To find the average price, make sure you look at where you can look at the PS3/360/PC value of club badges, kits, players and more. This is an extremely useful tool which you should look at every time you sell.

Playing Games

You’d be surprised at the amount of people who forget that FIFA Ultimate Team does actually involve playing football. With the countless amount of tournaments available, collecting coins should be a breeze. What I do recommend is initially buying contracts and injury cards from auction instead of buying packs. I’ve bought over 100 packs, including many bronze packs, and have only received one player worth mentioning. Contracts and injury healers do come aplenty in packs but if you can’t afford it, it is best to head for the auction.

Start off playing games in single player and offline tournaments where you can gain experience before you compete online. The more experienced you are, the better player you become and with that, the greater chance you have of winning. More wins equals better coins but taking part counts too.

Sell Your Best Players

Now I know this sounds a bit regressive but if you have a player who doesn’t fit into your system but you keep due to his great ability, it is probably best if you sell him. By gaining more coins from his departure, you can buy more valued players and sell them for even more. Ultimately, you will be able to purchase someone much more appropriate – like Messi.

Never Give Up

Always remember to keep 30 players in your trade pile at all times. The more times you learn to check on who has sold and who hasn’t, the more times you can put players onto your trade pile. If your item just isn’t selling, put the prices lower and take a cut if you really have to. Make sure you don’t lose hope as aforementioned, every item can be sold.

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  1. Jake

    August 22, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    I’ve been doing this with the same 6 or so players but that’s not enough for me to get anywhere fast. I’m at around 30,000 right now. So which players are best for this?

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