The Jack Grealish Signing and What it Means for Manchester City

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If there is one transfer in the English Premier League that everybody has been talking about recently it is Jack Grealish and his move to Manchester City. He moved to the giant club from Aston Villa and after Euro 2020, the former Villa captain has made quite an impression with fans. Manchester City fans have been excited for him to get started with the club and it is also a record-breaking move at £100 million. What will this signing mean for City this season and what impression has he already made?

Manchester City and Improving Their Final Third

In the summer, Manchester City were in search of a player that would help them in the final third. More goals were what the team needed and Pep Guardiola was working hard to find the right player for the team. After the Euros, all eyes were on Jack Grealish and he became a target for the club. While he has only been there a few weeks, it looks to be an exciting season with him on board.

Jack Grealish is known for being a creative player. He was a huge asset for Aston Villa and this meant that the young player was captain before coming to Manchester City. While Manchester City will be looking to do well in the English Premier League this season, they will also want to progress in the EFL Cup competition. Indeed, they will be hoping that Jack Grealish can improve their chances of winning. You can find out theEFL Cup betting odds here.

There is no doubt that there was pressure on him to impress, considering how much City paid for him. Fans were excited too and his first game was always going to be important. Indeed, all eyes were on him for the opening game.

Other players at Manchester City have already voiced how they are impressed by Jack Grealish. For example, Ederson has said how he is a fantastic signing for City and he has a lot of skills that are going to be beneficial for the team.  He highlighted how he is good at dribbling and makes a great finisher.

Jack Grealish on His Debut

Taking on the number 10 shirt, Jack Grealish is working hard, showing why he is worth the British transfer record. He made his home debut against Norwich and participated greatly in the 5-0 win at the Etihad Stadium. In particular, he scored his first goal and it was in front of an excited home crowd. Fans were also very happy with him since he was busy, running around the park and getting himself involved with the game. In particular, he was part of three of the goals that were scored on match day, crossing in some dangerous balls for the Norwich defence to deal with. No Doubt, Grealish is going to use this match as a stepping stone for building on his City career.

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