Manchester City go prank crazy with bags of flour

By on May 1, 2011 - 104 views

It has been revealed that Manchester City stars Carlos Tevez and Yaya Toure sought revenge on Italian striker Mario Balotelli but emptying two bags of flour in his Maserati sports car.

According to The Sun, the temperamental 20-year-old had to dig into his pocket for his set of wheels to be professionally cleaned.

A source said: “Yaya has tried to steer clear of the childish antics.

“He normally takes things very seriously but has been dragged into it. Mario kept tripping him up at training and generally acting like a teenage boy.

“Yaya hit back by Sellotaping his trainers to the ceiling and dished out some more with the flour when Mario failed to learn his lesson.

“Tevez was in on it too. He loves a wind-up.”

Perhaps that transfer request was one big practical joke as well, eh, Tevez?

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